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For every kit sold on Fettle, we are donating a kit to Enhance the UK. #TakeOneGiveOne

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Take a kit to give a kit

Disabled people are often excluded from sexual health services due to stigma or accessibility, and are either negatively portrayed or not included in sexual health. In the media and across society, those with disabilities face stigma and dehumanisation. This can mean that their sexual health needs are overlooked.

We know that #STIsDontDiscriminate and believe everybody deserves a healthy and fulfiling sex life. That’s why we’re teaming up with the official host of Sexual Health Week Brook to donate a free kit to Enhance the UK, for each kit sold on Fettle during #SHW19 between 16th and 22nd September. But we need your help and support. Take a kit to give a kit. Be part of the movement to normalise sex and disability. #TakeOneGiveOne.

Enhance the UK is a charity working to challenge perceptions of sex and disability through its campaign 'Undressing Disability'.

We say #ScrewSTIgma.

"We are thrilled that through this partnership we can provide home STI sampling kits to those who may be struggling to access services"


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"Your disability is seen as having taken away this very human, natural part of you."

Q&A with Triple Cripples
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“Society still sadly deems disabled people as undesirable and almost child-like when it comes to sex...a mindset that so desperately needs to change.”

Interview with Enhance the UK