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Ethinyloestradiol 30mcg / Drospirenone 3mg

Take one pill each day. Comes in packs of 21

Can make periods more regular, lighter and less painful

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Recommended if you have not taken this pill before.

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Note: Lucette is known as Aranka when it's sold outside the UK. If there's a shortage of Lucette in the UK, our suppliers redirect stock from other countries to meet the need here. So sometimes, you might see it says Aranka on the foil strips inside your box of Lucette. The medications are exactly the same.

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We’ll ask you questions about your health, family history and current contraceptive use. Our prescribers will review your answers before prescribing.

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What our users say

I was on Lucette (combined pill) for years and it was all fine till I started to get migraines... and now I am no longer allowed to have it or any other combined pill.


I used to be on Yasmin, and switched to Lucette and didnt notice any difference.


About Lucette

How to take Lucette

Take one tablet per day, for 21 days. There are 21 pills per pack.

You can use the pill to control when, and how often, you bleed. You can have a regular bleed by taking a 7-day break from the pill between each pack. Or you might want to avoid bleeding completely by continuing onto the next pack without a break.

If you do have a break, you’re still covered for contraception as long as you’ve been taking it every day and you start your next packet 7 days later.

When to try Lucette

If you’ve had side effects with other brands of combined pill, you could try Lucette. This offers a slightly different dose of hormones.
Lucette has been marketed as helping with acne and bloating side effects. If you've had trouble with these you might want to try it.

It does have a slightly higher risk of blood clots (thrombosis) compared to other brands, so we only recommend you use Lucette if other pills have not worked well for you. Because of this increased risk, we do not recommend this brand for anyone over 40.

Health benefits and health risks

The pill is generally safe to use but there are some health risks.

There's a small chance that it can increase your risk of blood clots (thrombosis). And it's very rare, but this contraception can increase your risk of breast and cervical cancer. This risk returns to normal when you stop using it

There are some benefits too. As well as working as contraception, combined pills can lower your risk of ovarian, womb and colon cancer. They can also have a positive effect on the symptoms of acne, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis.

Why choose Lucette

Lucette can reduce painful periods. It can make bleeding lighter and more regular. It can help with premenstrual symptoms and reduces the risk of cancer of the ovary, uterus and colon.

Some women find it improves acne. There are safe ways to take the pill where you take packs back to back and bleed less often.

Lucette is a combined pill brand. Taking Lucette can make your periods lighter, more regular and less painful. 

If you want to stop your bleeding or have more control over when you bleed, Lucette and other combined pills can help you do this.

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