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Desogestrel 75mcg

Comes in packs of 28 small tablets to take daily within the same 12 hour window

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it took me a while to get used to the idea of not having periods but now (after 7 yrs on Cerazette) I've totally forgotten what its like to have them!!


About Cerazette

How to take Cerazette

Take one pill every day within the same 12 hour window. Don’t take a break between packs. There are 28 pills per pack. 

You are protected from pregnancy straight away if you start taking the progestogen only pill on the first day of your period. When you stop using the pill your fertility will return to normal.

When to try Cerazette

Cerazette is suitable for people who can’t take oestrogen or the combined pill. You need to take Cerazette within the same 12 hour period each day. 

If you are using a 3 hour pill and you often forget to take it on time, you might find it easier to take Cerazette. It’s ok to try different oral contraception for a few months each. Keep a record of how you feel and how each pill affects your body and mind.

How Cerazette affects your period

Cerazette can make your periods irregular. You may bleed less often or periods may stop completely. Your periods could become lighter or heavier. Some women find Cerazette helps with premenstrual symptoms or painful periods. 

Cerelle and Cerazette are both types of the progestogen only pill (also known as the ‘mini pill’).

Irregular bleeding is common on the progestogen only pill, which can make periods more irregular, lighter, heavier, more frequent, or in some people, stop altogether.

Cerazette contains one hormone called desogestrel. Most people find that it does not affect their skin. However, in some people it may cause:

  • an increase in acne

  • (very rarely) a change in the pigmentation of the skin of the face

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