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Ulipristal acetate 30mg

The most effective morning after pill. One tablet that works up to 5 days after unprotected sex

Your period may come later or earlier after taking emergency contraception

Side effects are rare

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I think Fettle is great. Every time I’ve tried to get contraception by other means it feels quite over complicated and I get very anxious about whether I will get the pill on time. Fettle has reduced this anxiety significantly and is definitely my new go to means of getting the pill. I’m very grateful for the service.


Brilliant service, it's so convenient to be able to order online and it's easier to fill in a form than have to answer personal questions with a stranger. No embarrassment or awkwardness.


This has really helped me, I suffer with anxiety and struggle to get contraception. This has benefited me massively and I can't thank you enough for the service.


About ellaOne

How to take ellaOne

Take one pill within 5 days (120 hours) of unprotected sex. The sooner you take it the more effective it can be.

 If you’re sick (vomit) within 3 hours of taking ellaOne, text our clinicians and we’ll talk through your options. You may need to take another dose and we can help you find a pharmacy or clinic.

Up to 5 days after unprotected sex, ellaOne is more effective than the other emergency contraceptive pill Levonelle.

The non-hormonal coil, called the IUD, is the most effective method of emergency contraception. It can be within the 5 days after you had sex or within 5 days of when you expect to ovulate. An IUD can be fitted at your GP or local sexual health clinic. If you want to use this method, we recommend taking an emergency contraceptive pill as well, just in case you cannot get the IUD fitted in time.

If you’re breastfeeding (or chestfeeding) you’ll need to wait 7 days after taking ellaOne before feeding your child. Feed with an alternative, like formula milk. Express and discard your breast milk during this time. Or you can choose Levonelle.

Taking ellaOne with other contraception

ellaOne contains ulipristal acetate (UPA). It's not recommended you take this pill if:

  • you’ve used hormonal contraception in the last 7 days

  • you're on long-acting contraception like the injection, implant or hormonal coil - even if it has run out

  • you've recently (in the last 7 days) taken the levonorgestrel type of emergency contraception, like Levonelle

In these situations, the emergency contraception containing levonorgestrel will be a better option.

If you use a hormonal method of contraception as your regular protection, you'll need to take a 5 day break after taking ellaOne. It will then take time for your hormonal contraception to become effective again, so use condoms until it's protecting you.

Why choose ellaOne

If you haven’t used contraception, or if your condom split or came off, ellaOne reduces your chance of pregnancy by delaying ovulation.

It may not be suitable for you if you take certain medications or herbal remedies, have certain medical conditions or have a lactose allergy where you cannot tolerate small amounts in tablets. We’ll check this when you order.

ellaOne will prevent 66% of pregnancies. It's sometimes said that it's more effective than this, up to 99% effective. We don't use that figure because we don't think it gives the full story - not everyone who takes this pill would get pregnant without it. For example, they might have had sex during a non-fertile time in their menstrual cycle.

We recommend you do a pregnancy test 3 weeks after the pregnancy risk to make sure the emergency contraception has worked. Taking a test any earlier will not be accurate.

Written by Antigoni Kaliviotis. Nurse Prescriber
Reviewed by Dr Paula Baraitser. Medical Director, SH:24

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