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Take a small blood sample from a finger prick - we send you everything you'll need

Get your results by text within 72 hours of your sample arriving at the lab.

Test 12 weeks (84 days) after unprotected sex for most accurate results

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Test for all 3 types of chlamydia and gonorrhoea - oral, rectal and genital - in 1 order.

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Test for 4 STIs; gonorrhoea, chlamydia, HIV & syphilis

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Extremely efficient service. Felt discreet and well packaged for sending samples.


You have an amazing, thoughtful user experience! I would have been too busy to take this test 'in real life' so it was great to have something I could do quickly and on my own schedule.


I usually need sedation for blood tests as I'm very anxious with blood. Intially found using the lancet hard to work up to, but was honestly thrilled I was able to do it myself! Great service. Thank you!


What's in the syphilis self-test kit?

For these home tests, we use a blood sample from a finger prick. You’ll find an instruction card in your kit.

Sterile wipes and plasters

Use the wipes to clean your fingertip before you start. You might need a small plaster for your fingertip.

Small lancets

Use the lancet to make a tiny cut in your fingertip. We send some spares in case you need to try more than once.

Blood sample tube

Drop a small amount of blood into the tube. You can use more than one finger if you need to.

Protective bag and return box

It’s easy to send your sample safely to our lab. Use our protective bag and Freepost box to return in any Royal Mail postbox.

How to collect a blood sample

Many people find it easier and quicker to collect their blood sample after watching this short video.

Top tips

  • make sure your hands are warm by having a bath or shower, or exercise to warm up

  • drink lots of water before you test

  • push the lancet firmly into the side of your finger. Avoid the more sensitive middle part of your fingertip

  • keep your arm as straight as you can

  • massage from your palm to your fingertip to help the blood flow

If you need more lancets, do not order a new kit. Text us and we'll send you some more.

Multiple tests from 1 blood sample

Add more tests to your order and use just 1 blood sample for them all

Syphilis: the basics

When to test for syphilis

It can take up to 12 weeks (84 days) for syphilis infection to show up in a test. If you're not sure when you might have been exposed, do a test now, and another test after the 12 week window period.

Syphilis is not as common as other STIs but there are a growing number of cases in the UK. Get tested if you’ve had unprotected sex, particularly if you are a man who has sex with men or you have multiple partners, as you are likely to be at higher risk of infection.

If you've had syphilis before, make sure you tell us about it when you order. We'll make sure you get the right kind of test.

Symptoms of syphilis

Many people will not notice any symptoms. But without treatment, syphilis can have life threatening consequences.

The infection has 3 stages - primary, secondary and late stage. Each stage has different symptoms.

Primary syphilis causes an ulcer and swelling of lymph glands. The ulcer is very infectious but it usually does not hurt. It will eventually disappear without needing treatment. Some people will not notice it.

Secondary syphilis can cause a skin rash, often on the trunk of your body, palms of your hands or soles of your feet. And swelling of lymph glands.

Late syphilis can happen from 7 to 30 years after getting the infection. It can affect bones, skin, the heart or the central nervous system. This stage can be Iife threatening.

Getting treatment for syphilis

Syphilis is treated by antibiotic injections or tablets. If your test shows you might have a syphilis infection, one of our clinicians will call you to talk through the next steps and help you find a clinic. You'll need to have a blood test to confirm the infection and what stage it's at.

If you have syphilis or any STI, you should tell your sexual partners and anyone you’ve had sex with in the last 6 months. It’s important they get tested and treated as they could have the infection without knowing it.

Our simple home STI test kits are highly accurate when you:

  • wait the recommended window period before you test

  • follow the kit instructions carefully

  • complete additional tests in a clinic setting, if recommended by our clinicians.

Your samples are sent to our partner laboratory to be processed by specialist technicians. We use similar tests that are used by many NHS clinics.

If you are experiencing any STI symptoms, you should visit your local sexual health clinic for further testing and examination.

Regardless of whether you have an infection or not, only our clinicians and service managers will see your test results.

All our staff sign a data protection agreement, similar to the ones used by NHS staff. Your results will never be shared with anyone else without your permission.

Most people are sent their results by text. In some cases, one of our clinicians will call you to talk about your results and treatment. We’ll always text you first to agree on a good time to speak.

Syphilis is treated effectively by penicillin antibiotic injections or tablets (if you can’t have penicillin). The length of treatment depends on how long you’ve had the infection and the preferred treatment at all stages is penicillin.

The primary stage occurs within the first 3 months of infection. A small, painless sore or ulcer may develop on the genitals or sometimes around the mouth, lips, fingers or buttocks. Some people get several sores. You may also have swollen glands in your neck, groin or armpits. These symptoms will usually clear within 8 weeks.

It's important to remember that untreated syphilis may develop into the secondary stage.

If left untreated it can lay dormant for years or decades without causing symptoms. This is known as the latent stage. Eventually it can lead to serious health problems and may be life-threatening.

Written by Helen Burkitt. Senior Sexual Health and Contraception Nurse
Reviewed by Dr Paula Baraitser. Medical Director, SH:24

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