Progestogen only pill

Desogestrel 75mcg

Take one pill every day within the same 12 hour window, do not take a break between packs. There are 28 pills per pack.


  • periods may be irregular, become less frequent or stop altogether or become lighter or heavier

  • may help with premenstrual symptoms or painful periods

  • suitable for those who can’t take oestrogen or the combined pill

  • you don’t have to prepare for or interrupt sex

  • you are protected from pregnancy straight away if you start taking it on the first day of your period

  • when you stop using the pill your fertility will return to normal

  • this pill must be taken within the same 12 hour period each day to be effective (unlike other mini pills which must be taken within the same 3 hour period each day).

What users say

I’ve been on the cerelle for 7 months now after having migraines with a combined pill. The first 6 weeks were a bleed free & headache free dream, then following 6 weeks were the opposite. 7 months in and i have got very used to not having periods - however I think its making my skin more spotty and greasy...

Lucie, London

After taking the combined pill for so long, I find the packets of Cerelle a bit annoying to follow. Saying that having no periods is amazing!!

Mina, Birmingham

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