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What is in the gonorrhoea self-test kit?

The gonorrhoea (sometimes spelt gonorrhea) home test is available in the form of a urine sample or a vaginal swab to test for genital infections. Fettle also offers rectal and throat swabs, if you’d like to test for oral or rectal infections.

You can customise your own kit and choose which of the common sexual health infections are relevant to you.

Urine sample tube and swab

Should I get tested?

Many people with gonorrhoea have no symptoms, so it is important to test regularly. You should test when you change your sexual partner or test regularly if you have multiple partners. Symptoms could occur anytime from a few weeks to many months or even years after infection, so there’s no way of knowing that you have the infection without doing a test. Gonorrhoea is the second most common bacterial STI in the UK, after chlamydia.

What are the symptoms?

Gonorrhoea may cause no symptoms. If symptoms do occur they may include:

  • unusual discharge from the penis or vagina, which may be yellow, white or green
  • pain or burning when passing urine
  • bleeding between periods of after sex.
  • Infection in the rectum can cause discomfort, pain or discharge. Infection in the eyes can cause irritation or conjunctivitis. Infection in the throat does not usually cause any symptoms.

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It can take 2 weeks for gonorrhoea to show up in tests

When should I get tested for gonorrhoea?

Gonorrhoea may take two weeks to show up in a test from the time of infection. If you are not sure when you might have been exposed to the infection, you should do a test now, and another test at a later date. Our clinicians can help advise you about this when you place an order with Fettle.

What is gonorrhoea and how is it transmitted?

Gonorrhoea is a common bacterial infection. It can be be passed on through oral, vaginal or anal sex.

It is not spread by kissing, hugging, sharing baths, towels, cups, swimming pools or toilet seats, as the bacteria can’t survive outside the body for long.

How long do gonorrhoea test results take?

Fettle is committed to delivering your results within 72 hours of receiving your samples. We’ll send you a text message with your results as soon as they are available, and let you know how to get treatment.

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How is gonorrhoea treated?

Gonorrhoea can be treated with an antibiotic tablet and an antibiotic injection. You should not have sex until both you and your sexual partner(s) have been treated. As soon as your test results become available, we will send you a text message to let you know how to get treatment and when to retest.

Shall I tell my partner(s) I have gonorrhoea?

If you have gonorrhoea, you should tell all of your current partners and anyone else that you have had sex with in the last six months. They may have gonorrhoea without knowing it, so it is important for them to be tested.

If you have an STI, you should tell all of your current sexual partners and anyone else you've had sex with in the last 6 months

How to avoid STIs

The most effective way to avoid an infection is to use either latex or non-latex condoms. If you have oral or anal sex then you should test from these sites as infections can be passed on from the throat or rectum.

Does gonorrhoea affect fertility?

Recurrent or untreated gonorrhoea can affect your fertility. Prompt diagnosis and treatment of the infection is likely to minimise this risk.

Medical content reviewed by:

Dr Paula Baraitser

Dr Gillian Holdsworth, Fettle's Managing Director, Medical Doctor and public health expert.


Can I buy gonorrhoea treatment from Fettle?

If you receive a positive gonorrhoea test result from Fettle, we will offer you support and advice about where to receive free NHS treatment. As the recommended treatment for gonorrhoea is by injection, we are unable to prescribe by post.

Can my partner tell if I have gonorrhoea?

Your partner will be able to tell if you have symptoms but not if you do not. However, you should tell your partner if you have gonorrhoea as it is important they get tested and get treatment if required. They could pass on the infection to others, or could develop serious symptoms if they do not receive treatment.

Can I get gonorrhoea more than once?

Yes, you can be reinfected with gonorrhoea if you are exposed to the infection again, even if you’ve had treatment in the past. It’s important to get tested regularly and ensure your partner is tested and treated if necessary.

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