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Contraceptive injection

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Medroxyprogesterone Acetate in 0.65 ml suspension for injection

Each injection lasts 13 weeks (3 months)

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Recommended if you have not used this method before.

We can only prescribe Sayana Press if you've used it before, or if a healthcare professional has shown you how to use it.

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About Sayana Press

How Sayana Press works

Sayana Press works by preventing the release of an egg (ovulation). The progestogen hormone from the injection thickens the mucus at the entrance to the womb, so that sperm cannot enter and reach an egg.

The injection is 94% effective with typical use and up to 99.8% effective with perfect use. It lasts for 13 weeks, so you don’t need to think about taking a pill every day.

How to use the contraceptive injection

Sayana Press is a single-dose prefilled syringe that's injected just beneath the skin at the front of your thigh or tummy. It uses a very thin needle that's designed specifically for use at home. You'll be shown how to use it by someone at your GP or sexual health clinic.

It's a good idea to have someone you trust with you the first time you do the injection yourself. It's very unlikely you'll have any problems, but if you do have an allergic reaction they can help by spotting the symptoms and getting help immediately. Make sure they know what to look out for and who to call.

If you have the injection during the first 5 days of your menstrual cycle, the contraception will work straight away. If you start it later in your cycle, you'll need to use condoms for the first 7 days while it starts to work.

You'll be shown how to use the injection at a clinic, and then be able to do it yourself at home. Self-inject every 12-13 weeks to make sure you are protected. Set a reminder for your next injection in your phone or calendar. Make sure you change the site of your injection each time. We recommend alternating between your lower stomach and upper thighs.

Side effects of Sayana Press

Some people find that Sayana Press causes changes to skin, headaches, mood changes or changes to their sex drive.

When you stop using Sayana Press, it can take up to 18 months for your fertility to return. If you're thinking about trying for a baby, you could try the pill, patch or ring instead.

Health benefits and health risks

For most people, the injection is very safe. There is a chance it can reduce bone density if you use it for a long time. This is not usually a problem, as once you stop using it the bone will replace itself.

It can stop periods completely. So it can help if you have heavy, painful periods or endometriosis. Sayana Press reduces bleeding for most people. By the end of the first year of using it, 60% of people have no periods. However, it can also cause very irregular bleeding. And a small number of people experience persistent and problematic bleeding.

People who use the injection may have a small increased risk of breast cancer compared to those who don’t. This reduces once you stop the injection.
There is a small risk that you might have an allergic reaction to the injection, or you'll have a reaction at the injection site which can cause irritation, swelling or a scar.

And once you’ve stopped using it, it can take up to 18 months before your periods return to normal and you can become pregnant. Your fertility does not return immediately.

Why choose Sayana Press

Because Sayana Press can change the pattern of your periods or stop them altogether, it can be helpful if you have endometriosis or heavy painful periods. However, Sayana Press may also cause irregular bleeding.

If you cannot take oestrogen, the injection can be a suitable method to try.

It’s not affected by most other medicines. And it's safe to use if you're breastfeeding or chestfeeding.

Written by Antigoni Kaliviotis. Nurse Prescriber
Reviewed by Dr Paula Baraitser. Medical Director, SH:24

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