Fettle makes it quick and easy to order contraception, including emergency contraception, without having to visit a clinic or GP.

All of our services are supported by qualified and experienced clinicians.


How it works

Order online

Choose which type of contraception you want to order.

Complete an online order form, which includes a set of questions about your health.

A clinician will review your answers to make sure that the contraception is suitable for you. The clinician may call you to discuss further before generating your a prescription.

Clinical support + advice available

Our clinicians are able to support and advise you by text or phone, with any aspect of choosing, taking or using any form of contraception.

Once our clinician has generated your prescription, we guarantee that you will receive your oral contraception the next working day.

Home delivery

We will text you when your order has been dispatched and to offer you support with using your chosen contraception.

We will send your contraception in discreet packaging by Royal Mail First Class. You will not have to be in or sign for the package - it will fit through your letterbox.

Never run out - reorder online

We will text you when your supply is running low, to remind you to reorder online.

Order again, or choose a different type of contraception, in a few easy steps. You can also text our dedicated clinicians at any time if you have questions about how to choose or use your contraception.

Learn more in our Questions section .

Choosing your contraception

Contraception helps you control if and when you become pregnant.

There are many types of contraception, so you can choose the right method for your lifestyle. Don't be put off if the first type you use isn't quite right – you can try another.

When choosing a method of contraception you may want to consider whether you want to use a method that contains hormones, whether your lifestyle allows for you to take a pill each day or switch a patch or a ring each week, whether you need constant protection or even whether you are ok with injections.

It’s important that you are comfortable using your chosen method, and that you know how effective it is. If you need help, our specialist clinicians can offer advice and support by text and phone, to make sure you find contraception that works for you.

Only condoms protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as pregnancy.

We offer several different types of contraception for online order. Click to find out more:

Emergency contraception

The emergency contraceptive pill (sometimes called the ‘morning after pill’) can be taken after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. The non-hormonal coil (IUD) is the most effective emergency contraception.

Combined pill

A small round tablet that releases artificial versions of the oestrogen and progesterone hormones. It has to be taken daily.

Progestogen only pill

Also known as ‘POP’, is a small round tablet that releases a progestogen hormone. It has to be taken daily.

Contraceptive patch

A small, sticky patch that sticks to your skin and releases hormones into your body.

Contraceptive ring

A small, soft plastic ring that you place inside your vagina. It releases the hormones oestrogen and progestogen.


A sheath or covering that is worn over the penis during sex. Designed to stop a man's semen from coming into contact with his sexual partner.

There are other forms of contraception available from local sexual health clinics, including the contraceptive implant, hormonal coil or non-hormonal coil, or female sterilisation.

All of these require clinical examination and a short procedure. We can signpost you to your nearest clinic.

Our clinicians can talk you through which options are most suitable for you and your lifestyle, if you’re unsure.

Questions about ordering contraception

Who will sign my prescription?

One of Fettle’s Doctors will review your answers and sign your prescription.

Can I track my order?

We will track your order and will text you when your order has been dispatched and when it has been delivered to your address.

Do I need to be in to receive my contraception, and will it fit through my letter box?

We will send it in discreet packaging by 1st class Royal Mail. You will not have to be in or sign for the package - it will fit through your letter box.

What does the packaging look like?

How many months supply of contraception will Fettle prescribe?

When you first order from Fettle we will prescribe a three month supply. This gives you time to see how oral contraception suits you. If you choose to repeat order, we can prescribe a 12 month supply of POP or a six month supply of the combined oral contraceptive pill, once you answer some questions about your health for us to review.

I don’t know my blood pressure - what do I do?

To order the combined oral contraceptive pill, you will need to provide your blood pressure.To get your blood pressure checked you can:

  • find somewhere local to measure your blood pressure
  • buy a blood pressure monitor
  • alternatively, you can order the progestogen only pill instead.

Can I request a record of my previous oral contraception orders from Fettle?

Yes, once you have ordered oral contraception from Fettle, you can email info@fettle.health