Hoopsy eco pregnancy tests on Fettle

We’re offering Hoopsy eco pregnancy tests as a convenient add-on to your Fettle order.

A white hand holding a pregnancy test strip over a sink. The test strip has a red Hoopsy logo at one end.

Here at Fettle, we work hard to promote sustainability in sexual health. So we were thrilled to discover the world’s first eco-friendly pregnancy test - Hoopsy. And now, Hoopsy tests are available to add on to any Fettle orders.

Hoopsy eco pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate, the same as mainstream brands. But Hoopsy have created a pregnancy test that’s 99% plastic free. So your test doesn’t hang around in landfill for 20-30 years as it breaks down. In fact, most parts of a Hoopsy test can go in your recycling.

Find out more about how Lara Solomon created Hoopsy.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, or you want reassurance that your contraception is working as it should, add a pack of Hoopsy tests to your basket when you check out.

How to use Hoopsy tests

Your pack of 2 Hoopsy tests will arrive individually wrapped and with instructions. You’ll also see a QR code on the package that takes you to the instructions online.

  • When you’re ready to take the test, open the test pouch and remove the test strip

  • For most accurate results, use your first pee of the day

  • Hold the end marked with the Hoopsy logo, and put the other end in your urine stream for 10 seconds. Or you can dip it into a cup of collected urine. Try not to pee over the line marked MAX

  • Put the test on a flat surface, with the printed side facing up

  • Wait 5-10 minutes before checking your result

  • The paper test strip means you can write on it if you need to record or compare test results

If 2 pink lines appear, this is a positive result. The test has found the hCG pregnancy hormone in your urine and you are pregnant.

If 1 pink line appears, this is a negative result. No hCG hormone was found and you are not pregnant.

Read the full Hoopsy instructions

Published on: 20 March 2024