What does the packaging look like?

All our packing is plain, discreet and should fit through your letter box. They don’t need to be signed for.

Everything you need is inside the pack. Including easy-to-follow instructions for how to do your test or take the medication you’ve ordered.

Sexual health meets sustainability

Traditionally, testing kits have used a lot of plastic. For a start, they rely on plastic posting bags to deliver the kit to you and get your samples to our lab. 

But not all that plastic can be recycled. And with over 8 million tonnes of plastic pollution ending up in our oceans each year, we knew we could do better.

Our custom kit boxes are minimal, recyclable and do away with all non-essential plastic.

We have:

  • swapped out the plastic envelopes for a resealable, recyclable box

  • used an unbleached card sourced from an FSC-certified mill in the UK. Taking care of our forests, and our carbon footprint

  • reduced waste with our reusable box. Put your samples back in the box and pop them in the post - no extra envelope needed.

We do need to use some single-use plastic in our testing. Disposable swabs, leakproof packs and plastic tubes are essential for keeping our kits clean and safe. But we’ll keep working hard to make our kits as sustainable as possible.

Last updated at: 02 February 2024
Published on: 12 August 2022