Super sustainable XO! condoms now available on Fettle

It’s easy to supercharge your sexual health now that you can add XO! condoms to your Fettle orders.

A red box of condoms on a pale pink background. One condom has been removed from the pack and taken out of the foil wrapper. The wrapper and condom sit next to the box.

Condoms are the unsung heroes of sexual health, protecting us from STIs and preventing unwanted pregnancy. So say hello to XO! condoms. The most sustainable condoms we’ve ever seen.

They’re carbon-neutral, biodegradable, made with all-natural Righteous Rubber, cruelty-free and come in fully recyclable packaging. And like all condoms, when used correctly they’re 98% effective in protecting from STIs and pregnancy.

Did you know that most condoms, once you’ve thrown them away, will take hundreds of years to break down? Because of the natural rubber, once unwrapped XO! condoms biodegrade in under a year!

XO! condoms come in 2 styles. The Ultra-thin condoms have a natural feel and a width of 54mm. The Hi-sensation are ribbed and dotted, for maximum pleasure, and have a width of 56mm. Both varieties are lubricated and work great with sex toys or your own lubricant.

What is Righteous Rubber?

Righteous Rubber is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It’s the carbon-neutral, sustainably-sourced natural latex that all XO! condoms are made from.

Here We Flo, creators of XO! condoms are founding members of the Regenerative Rubber Initiative. This means their latex is sourced ethically and sustainably. You can read about their process on

Written by Hel Burrough. Senior Content Designer, SH:24 and Fettle
Published on: 20 March 2024