What can I do if I cannot get enough blood for the test?

We know that the blood test can be difficult at times, but here are some top tips.

  • make sure your hands are warm (shower or do some exercise just before)

  • keep your arm straight, and when massaging your finger don't squeeze too hard

  • when using the lancets, be brave and push firmly into your fingertip

We include 3 lancets in the test kit, which are used to prick your finger, so you can try a different finger if you need to.

If you cannot get enough blood using the 3 lancets in your kit, text us and we can send you more.

We understand that for some people, this method of blood collection may be challenging. In these circumstances, we recommend that you visit your local sexual health clinic where a clinician can take a blood sample for you.

A blood sample is required to test for syphilis or HIV. Instructions with helpful tips on the best way to take a blood sample are included in the test kit we send out to you.

Last updated at: 02 February 2024
Published on: 12 August 2022