Go with the FLO: pads and tampons now on Fettle

Take care of your period and the planet with these sustainable period products, available on Fettle.

Whether you prefer pads or tampons, you can now add your choice of period products to your Fettle order.

And these are not your average pads - they’re made by Here We Flo, creators of the eco-friendly XO! Condoms. Here We Flo have reinvented period care, making products that are as natural and sustainable as possible, without compromising on comfort or convenience.

Both the FLO eco-applicator tampons and the FLO bamboo period pads are made from natural materials, so they’re organic and biodegradable. The packaging - including the tampon applicator - is all recyclable and the wrappers that protect your pads are all plant-based (and biodegradable!).

These pads and tampons can be thrown away in your regular bin. They’ll biodegrade naturally instead of becoming landfill.

The eco-applicator tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, so they’re super soft and hypoallergenic. We offer a combo pack of tampons, which includes 8 regular and 6 super tampons, to keep you covered from the start of your period to the lighter days.

The bamboo pads are made from 100% organic bamboo. These come in a handy combo box that gives you choice throughout your period. The 10 ‘Slay all day’ pads are ideal for light to medium flow days, and the 5 ‘All-nighter’ pads are ready for your heavier days.

Written by Hel Burrough. Senior Content Designer, SH:24 and Fettle
Last updated at: 30 May 2024
Published on: 24 May 2024