How to use your blood sample kit

Everything you need to know to take your blood sample at home

What’s in the blood sample kit?

  • 2 sterile wipes

  • 3 lancets - each lancet can be used once

  • Sample tube

  • 2 plasters

Included in the box:

  • Specimen transport bag

  • Lab card

  • Freepost box and security seal sticker

You’ll also need some tissue.

If anything is missing, text us. Need extra lancets? Text ‘lancets’ to the number included in your kit.

Getting ready

Before you take a blood sample:

  • drink plenty of water - being hydrated helps with blood flow

  • get your hands and body warm, the best way is to have a bath or shower

  • if you might faint or you’re feeling worried, ask someone to help or be with you

  • watch our video to see how to take the sample

We have recently updated our testing kits. If your kit came with a plastic case to put your sample tube in and a return envelope instead of a cardboard box, watch our previous video. and follow the instructions included in your kit.

Taking your sample

1. Take the yellow lid off the sample tube. Put the tube on a low, flat surface so it can stand up.

2. Twist and pull the tip off a lancet then use a wipe to clean one of your middle 2 fingers.

3. Lay your hand palm upwards on a flat surface. Press the lancet firmly into the side of your fingertip. If the finger-prick doesn’t work, try another lancet - it’s why we've given you some spares.

4. Keep your arm straight, and hold it over the tube. Massage down your finger so blood drops into the tube.

5. Aim to fill the tube to the upper line marked 600. If you can’t get to 600 but are over 400, send it back anyway. If it’s hard to get enough blood, warm yourself up or start using a different finger.

6. Use a sterile wipe to clean your finger, then apply a plaster. Press the yellow lid back onto the tube so it clicks. Wipe any blood off the outside of the tube. Turn the tube upside down 5 times.

Posting your kit

  1. Put the tube into the specimen transport bag. If you have more than 1 kit, take all your samples and put them in the same bag.

  2. Peel off the yellow strip, fold and seal the bag. You do not need to add your name, we’ve already labelled the tube with your unique code.

  3. Write the date on your lab card. Put the lab card and your sealed bag of samples into the Freepost box. 

  4. Close the box using the security seal sticker.

Note down your tracking ID which starts with a # - it’s under the barcode on the address label. Post in any Royal Mail post box. Track it with Royal Mail.

What happens next

Once you’ve posted your kit:

  • when your results are ready, they’ll be sent to you in a text message

  • sometimes we’ll need to speak with you on the phone if you need treatment or any support, we can help you

Do you need help with something else?