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How to stop bleeding on Cerelle and Cerazette

Cerelle and Cerazette are both types of the progestogen only pill (also known as the ‘mini pill’). Irregular bleeding is common on the progestogen only pill, which can make periods more irregular, lighter, heavier, more frequent, or in some people, stop altogether.

It can take a while for bleeding to settle down after you start taking the progestogen only pill, but after 12 months of use, approximately half of people find that their periods stop altogether or they have infrequent bleeding.

Anyone with persistent irregular bleeding should consider taking a sexual health test, a pregnancy test and make sure that they are up to date with their smear tests to rule out other causes of bleeding.

If persistent bleeding is becoming an issue for you and you have ruled out alternative causes, then you could explore whether the combined pill is suitable for you, as this gives you more control over your cycle. You can find more information about the combined pill and who it is suitable for here.

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