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Can I use the pill to delay my period? (which ones)

Taking the contraceptive pill can stop or delay your periods, but you cannot depend on it to do this as it affects everyone differently- some people may find they get spotting or irregular bleeding for the first few months of taking their pill.

If you are taking the combined contraceptive pill: When you get to the end of your pill pack, you can skip your 7 day break and go straight onto the next pill pack which will mean you do not have a normal withdrawal bleed that you would expect to get during your break. You can take the combined pill continuously for 9 weeks (3 pill strips) before you have a 4 or 7 day break which is when you will get a bleed. But you may get some spotting or bleeding before this.

If you are on the progesterone only pill (mini pill), 1 out of 3 people using this pill will find their periods stop altogether, or they may get irregular bleeding or spotting. You will not know how your body responds to it though until you start taking it so they cannot depend on this pill to delay your period.

Norethisterone is a pill that can be taken to delay your period. It is not used for contraceptive purposes. This can be prescribed by your GP or purchased from an online pharmacy. Some sexual health clinics may also stock it.

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